Announcing fathering together's integration with city dads group

Since it’s formation, Fathering Together has sought to collaborate, not compete with other organizations focused on healthy families and connected dads. So we were thrilled when City Dads Group reached out asking to integrate their organization with ours.

Starting in October, our organizations began onboarding their group leaders and figuring out a path forward where Fathering Together expands its virtual communities with the in-person meetups of City Dads Group. By joining forces, Fathering Together will offer support to over 150,000 dads world wide.

That’s 150,000 dads across more than 100 countries with in-person groups in the United States, Canada, Kenya, and Malawi. There are 41 official City Dads Groups across the United States and Canada with more on the way!

Here is the full press release.

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