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Do you feel disconnected from your family?

Are the old paradigms for fatherhood not working out for you?

If you said yes to either one, you aren't alone. Our Co-Founder Brian Anderson felt the same way.

So, 6 years ago, he invited his neighbors to a "dad" night at a local pizzeria to connect and share stories.

Over the next 6 years, Brian talked to hundreds of dads from around the world, and found a common theme running through dads who felt emotionally connected to their partners and children.

The common thread is servant leadership.

Robert Greenleaf coined the phrase and applied the principles of servant leadership to business over 50 years ago. Companies like Fedex, Marriott, and Starbucks have utilized servant leadership to turn their companies around. Authors like Simon Sinek highlight these principles in his book, Leaders Eat Last. 

Yet for all the success within Corporate America, there's never been a roadmap for dads to bring the principles of servant leadership into their role in the family... until now!

Fathering Together, the book, will be on shelves by the end of September. Brian has launched an author community so that you can keep up with the "behind the scenes" development of the book. Join Brian's author community to provide feedback and insights into the final book and workbook plus get advance tickets to launch events that are coming this fall!

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