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By Dr. Rev. Matthew Kelley (Author), Kyle Ashlee (Editor)

Fatherhood is one of life's greatest adventures. From the moment their children are born, dads everywhere embark on a lifelong journey that guarantees joy, struggle, heartache, and glory with every step. Full of truth and wisdom, the stories of fatherhood must be preserved and passed on. Fathering Stories, Volume 1 is an anthology of such stories from members of the Fathering Together community. In these pages, you will discover harrowing tales from new fathers about birth and beyond, honest accounts of men embracing fatherhood in the 21st century, and incredible anecdotes of dads forging a family despite the odds. Written by ordinary fathers, these extraordinary stories of fatherhood hold nothing back and lay bare the raw moments that shape dads into the stuff of legends. Purchase a copy today on Draft 2 Digital. You can also find it on Amazon!


fathering together

By Brian Anderson

In Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life, author Brian Anderson captures the stories of dozens of dads who are striving for healthier and stronger relationships. Their stories highlight a new narrative for fatherhood, one based in servant-leadership that goes beyond the stereotypical role of "breadwinner."


In Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life, author Brian Anderson captures the stories of dozens of dads who are striving for healthier and stronger relationships. Their stories highlight a new narrative for fatherhood, one based in servant-leadership that goes beyond the stereotypical role of “breadwinner.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover basic strategies for building stronger connections
  • Read stories from fellow dads striving for a healthier life
  • Be challenged to see yourself as more than a financial provide.

Challenging yourself to step beyond the traditional narratives of fatherhood can be frightening, but there is comfort in knowing there is a large community of dads with the same goals. Read Fathering Together, then join Brian's Newsletter to get updates, reflections, and invitations to events.

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“Fathering Together puts us on a new path forward to value care. Anderson masterfully weaves together his own personal journey with data and guidance to make us all better, more connected humans.”

- Eve Rodsky ‧ New York Times Bestselling Author of Fair Play and Find Your Unicorn Space

“Fathering Together is a brilliant, timely, and much needed book. This is the book I wish I had when I was a new father and a book that all fathers should have available at whatever age and stage of their children. Fathering Together is full of helpful, practical, support from a father who has been there and is there for us all.”

-Jed Diamond, PhD ‧ author of The Enlightened Marriage, Why the Best is Still to Come and My Distant Dad

“With Fathering Together, Brian Anderson lays out a new model for dads to connect with their families and communities. I've learned so much from him that has enhanced my own parenting. This book is a must read for dads in the 21st century.”

- Dr. Simran Jeet Singh ‧ author of The Light We Give and Fauja Singh Keeps Going

“Brian Anderson presents this simple truth: the most important thing men (and all humans) can do is to care for others and center our lives around that care.”

- Gary Barker, PhD ‧ CEO & Founder, Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice

“Anderson challenges dads to reimagine fatherhood to one of servant leadership and connection. A dad-first mindset that fosters emotional courage, other-orientation, advocacy and community is a game-changer for our relationships, families, and society.”

- David G. Smith, PhD ‧ Co-Author of Good Guys and Athena Rising

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“This book is both practical and paradigm-shifting. It will help you connect more deeply with your children AND change the way you think about being a dad - for the better!”
- Eboo Patel, Founder and President of Interfaith America and author of We Need To Build: Field Notes For Diverse Democracy and many more

Fathering Together is a true celebration of fatherhood! A roller coaster of emotions, being vulnerable, growing together and true magnificent tool for all Fathers.”
- Sergio Rosario Diaz, Founder of Soy Super Papa

“Anderson's book is an inspiring journey for men to both discover the possibilities as a father and the dire necessity for men to evolve into the kind of father our modern world needs.”
- Angus Nelson, founder of Evolve Men Coaching

I took Driver's Ed before I started to drive, got two degrees before I started to teach, and took a pre-marriage class before I got married.  But what preparation was available to help me prepare for being a dad? If you're looking for a great first step to prepare yourself for being a better dad, Brian Anderson's book is a wonderful resource. It's honest, clear, and gets to the heart of things. Highly recommended!

- Brian D. McLaren, author/teacher/activist

I love that Brian does not shy away from hard topics. He approaches uncomfortable, but necessary, fatherhood topics head on: violence towards women, being an ally to the LGBTQ+ community, and living one's values around anti-racism. But he does so with humility and personal stories that feel like a conversation with a trusted friend. Fathering Together is an essential read for any dad looking to re-write gender norms and redefine fatherhood.

- Kate Mangino, author of Equal Partners

“As the father of a one-year-old, Brian Anderson's message is a heart felt wake up call for fathers to not sleep on the importance of our presence and love…and it's a guide on how to do it better and with more joy.”

- Mike Zeller, Author of The Genius Within, and entrepreneur.

About the author

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson is a husband, dad, and co-founder/executive director of Fathering Together. He’s been a social worker, community organizer, university chaplain, interfaith leadership consultant and certified spiritual director. He uses these experiences to empower dads to build a strong spiritual foundation for themselves and their families. After his first daughter arrived, he started blogging about his experiences which led to his debut book, Fathering Together: Living a Connected Dad Life. He’s based in Evanston, Illinois.

Brian Anderson

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