Fathering Together Announces
Acquisition of City Dads Group

Fathering Together and City Dads Group Join Forces to Offer Essential Resources to Fathers Around the World

[Chicago, IL] – [November 7, 2023] – Two leading organizations dedicated to supporting and empowering fathers, Fathering Together and City Dads Group, are thrilled to create a stronger and more comprehensive platform to champion engaged fatherhood through local communities and provide vital resources and connections across the globe.

This new organization integrates the collective strengths and expertise to advance the work of promoting active and engaged fatherhood. This strategic partnership will result in a broader network, enhanced programming, and a more significant impact on the lives of fathers, families, and communities.

Cordan James, a respected leader in the field of fatherhood advocacy, will lead the combined organization as Executive Director. Cordan states, “I’m honored to step into this role. As a dad of three kids and as a child of adoption, I understand the important role and influence dads can have on creating positive change in the lives of their children. My goal is to build on the past success and create a movement that brings about a more equitable and inclusive world for all."
Key benefits of the partnership include:
  1. Expanded Reach: The new organization will reach over 150,000 dads across the globe with in-person groups in Canada, Kenya, Malawi, and the United States. 
  2. Innovative Programming: Fathering Together will offer more robust programs including school-based social emotional learning for dads, online panels, in-person meetups to empower dads to be advocates for change.
  1. Inclusive Community: Fathering Together allows members to define fatherhood for themselves. Regardless of background or identity, all are welcome to share their story, and grow together in their journey.
Commenting on the partnership, Matt Schneider, Co-Founder of City Dads Group, said, "We are thrilled to join with Fathering Together to strengthen, sustain and expand our communities. We have a real opportunity to positively impact the way we view and value fathers as a society."
Brian Anderson, Co-Founder & Board President of Fathering Together, added, "We are honored that City Dads Group places their faith in us to continue advocating for fathers worldwide. We look forward to bringing the City Dads Group community into ours so we might empower dads to be emotionally courageous, connected, and committed to their families."

As Fathering Together integrates City Dads Group’s operations, it will continue to reimagine fatherhood through intentional communities, championing new narratives and implementing school-based programs for dads.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Rebecca Hochreiter
Fathering Together Board Member

About Fathering Together:

Fathering Together is a global network of over 125,000 fathers and allies around the world dedicated to promoting active fatherhood and providing support, resources, advocacy, and education for dads. Established in 2018, Fathering Together is passionate about challenging stereotypes and advocating for equitable parenting. Their work has touched the lives of countless dads, offering guidance on parenting, relationships, and personal development. Fathering Together has also been a leading voice in promoting equality in caregiving responsibilities and emphasizing the importance of fatherhood as a cornerstone of healthy societies through virtual panels, workshops, and digital stories. To learn more, visit www.fatheringtogether.org.

About City Dads Group:

City Dads Group is a diverse community of fathers dedicated to being actively involved in their children's lives. Founded in 2008, City Dads Group has chapters in 41 cities across the United States and Canada and is committed to redefining and promoting modern fatherhood. Their commitment to breaking down stereotypes about fatherhood and fostering inclusive communities has made them a recognized force for positive change. To learn more, visit www.citydadsgroup.com.

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