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Care Isn’t Gendered. 

What image comes to mind when you hear the word "Working Mom?" Is it the same if we say "Working Dad?" Despite the rise in dual income households, the widespread misconception that care is gendered and moms are default parents still exists. But research demonstrates the importance of dads in the lives of their children.

It’s time to stand together for change, and normalize caregiving to include all parents.

Regardless of gender expression, socio-economic status, or job title, all parents need our support.
Today through June 19th (U.S. Father's Day) join dads around the world to say #ThisWorkingDadCares!

This Working Dad Cares

Join these dads in making a change!

Keith Edwards

Speaker & Coach

Aaron Yavelberg

Writer & Social Worker

Brad Faxon

PGA ChampionsTour Player

Koonal Patel

Consumer Insights Consultant

Aaron Pina

Anthropolicy Consulting Culture Brokers

Dan Betts

The Breaking Dad

Oscar Rosenberg

Apollo Bank

Jake Williams

Podcast Producer

Jason Kreidman

Dad University

Alonzo Nelson

Teacher & Yoga Instructor

Jim Young

The Centered Coach

Paul Humes

Wild Nature Play

Michael Cornell

The Percy Hobart Fellowship Intern

Kent Frazier

Fully Human

Terry Cherrington

Royal Air Force

Larry Schooler

Educator & Author

John Badalament
Fathering Together

Chris Lewis
Fathering Together

Elliot Haspel

The Robins Foundation

Jake Edling

Coach & Author

Ludo Gabriele

MARC - Catalyst

Ben Killoy

Military Veteran Dad

Scott Drummond

Leadership Coach

Brandon Smith

The Workplace Therapist

Dr. Rev. Matthew L Kelley


Mark Tamhane


Liam Cahill

Together Digital

Steve Salomonsen

Gateway Health

Baz Stokes

Percy Hobart Fellow

Nihal Mehta


Art Eddy

Art of Fatherhood

Richard Dickson


David Hammond


Jason McCleery

CDW & Epic Dad Podcast

David Stanley

Teacher & Voiceover Actor

Lorde De Laurentiis

ManDad Media

Emilano Diaz de Leon


Blake Woodward


Cordan James

VetRun Movers

Antoine Johnson

Buffalo Fatherhood Initiative

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Support Fathering Together, a 501c3 advocating for fathers in the US, Malawi, and Kenya. Your donation empowers us to:

$25 - Provide 3-month scholarship for a dad to our Fatherhood Insider.

$50 - Empower a dad to be Emotionally Courageous.

$100 - Provide 1-year scholarship for a dad in our Fatherhood Insider.

$1000 - Support 1 month of job skills training in Malawi and mentorship in Kenya. 

*Learn more about our Malawian and Kenyan initiatives.


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