Fathering Together began as a Facebook group called "Dads With Daughters" in 2018 with 50 friends. Since that time, we've grown to a community of over 150,000 dads from around the world.

In 2023, we merged with City Dads Groups to provide virtual and in-person communities to connect with everyone who identifies as a father figure. Below you'll find local meetups, online communities and partner organizations that offer groups, resources, and more.

City Dads Groups

Whether it’s an outing with the kids or a night out with other fathers, City Dads Group chapters offer events where you’ll find the fun, friendship and support every father needs.

Facebook Groups

Our facilitated Facebook Groups ensure dads find a community that supports them and holds them accountable to their relationships with their kids, partners, and communities.

School Based Programs

We are piloting a school-based program to connect dads with one another, their child's school administration, and parent's councils. We've enriched the program with resources and facilitated conversation guides focused on communication skills, emotional intelligence, and much more.

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