While the "This Working Dad Cares" campaign begins March 29th, we are lining up lots of speakers and events to dive into the many aspects of our fatherhood identity and all the ways in which we care for ourselves, our families, and communities! We'll be continuously updating our schedule, so check back frequently and join our Fatherhood Insider where our weekly conversations will take place! All are welcome.

March 29th

2:30 central time

We're kicking off the campaign with a Twitter Space focused on the importance of paid parental leave. Vicki Shabo, Elliot Haspel, and Brian Anderson invite you into this critical conversation!

April 5th


The Co-Founders of the Dadditude App, Paul Baron and Sam Goodman, are joining us to share their experience of the Power of Community. They'll share what it has been like to launch a community for dads centered on mental health.

April 12th


Sergio Rosario Diaz, founder of Soy Super Papa, will share his experience as a community creator and sustainer as he has built Soy Super Papa into the largest community for Latino Dads.

April 14th


Kent Frazier founded Fully Human to help bring about better work-life integration. As a father, he's also dedicated to being fully human with his family too. Join us for an afternoon conversation on ways to be more present and engaged!

April 19th


Both Brandon Smith and Vincent Phamvan know what it takes to start a business. Long hours, hustling for meetings and fundraising... but they also know the importance of showing up for their children. Join us on April 19th as they share how they've kept their "dad" identity and relationships with their children front and center.

April 27th


Mike Zeller is a leading expert on helping high achievers find their deepest zone of genius. He's generated over $100 million across 16 business ventures. And he's a dad who wants to make sure his daughter knows how important she is in his life. Through it all, he remains focused on playing to his strengths and he's excited to share his strategies with dads in our network! Join us April 27th at 2pm central!

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