Malawi Dads

The Fathering Together Malawi Chapter began on August 8th 2021. The first meeting brought together over 30 dads at a local primary school to build a strategy that adheres to the Malawi Government’s National Policy on Early Childhood Development (ECD) and invites dads to strengthen their trade and interpersonal skills.

Since the launch, Laston Segula, the local leader, has worked diligently to secure strong relationships with tribal leaders, community leaders, and government officials. 

October 24th saw FT Malawi donate uniforms to children at a local primary school for those children whose parents could not afford them. Afterward, dads and children participated in a day of friendly competition called Sports Day. 

October 31st saw FT Malawi organizing a workshop for steel welding, fabrication, carpentry and joinery for fathers to provide training and an escape from drug and alcohol abuse. To date, $1200 has been raised with a goal of $2500 to secure additional equipment.

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