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Fatherhood is a lifelong journey. Don’t go it alone. Your kids deserve more and so do you!

We’ve designed this community for dads to connect with one another. 

  • If you are a new dad looking for resources and support, we’ve got those. 
  • If you’re a dad, who is passionate about making the world a better place for your children instead of preparing your child for the disfunction that awaits them, we can help! 
  • If you are a coach who works with dads and looking for strategies to improve your business, we’ve got a community for you!

By joining our community, you’ll get access to resources, find support and accountability and have opportunities to network and shape the future of Fathering Together. 

Our goal is to empower fathers to be agents of positive change and we want you to join us!.

Fatherhood Insider
  1. Community:
    Join your peers in conversation to grow in your journey of fatherhood.
  2. Education:
    Experts sharing insights, peer's leading workshops, and resources to tap into your potential
  3. Story:
    Help us expand definitions of fatherhood that influence who we are, how we act, and what we think


COVID has disrupted system after system, millions of parents have left the workforce to care for their children. We’ve heard from many dads that have had to shift their focus from long commutes to working alongside their children at home. They loved the increased time with their children, but many struggled knowing how best to build emotional connections. With our Fatherhood Insider, we’re responding to that need.

Fatherhood Insider = Community


  1. Support and Accountability:
    Hold one another accountable to the expectations our children have for us and the positive change we are working toward in our communities.
  2. Professional Connections:
    Connect with experts, activists, and leaders, who all lead with fatherhood. We have weekly networking calls and workshops to engage with leaders across multiple fields.
  3. Personal Mentorship:
    Connect and mentor one another. Use your experiences to empower your peers.
Fatherhood Insider = Education


  1. Expert Voices: 
    Listen to experts in the field of parenting, business, and life! Attend their workshops, connect 1:1 with them, and more! 
  2. Peer-Led Workshops:
    Learn from your peers on topics ranging from emotional intelligence to communication to finances. As a member you can schedule a workshop to deliver to the rest of our community.
  3. Personal Mentorship:
    Tap into resources to improve your fatherhood skills and activities with your kids.
Fatherhood Insider = Story


  1. Tell Your Story:
    Your story may empower another dad to make a positive change.
    Your story holds countless lessons for your child. Don't hide it!
  1. Advocate for Change:
    Your story can bring about structural change. Join our community to learn how to speak truth to power.
  1. Get featured on our website:
    Over 128,000 eyes can be on your story. We'll feature you on our website, newsletters and free Facebook communities.
Fatherhood Insider - There's More
Fatherhood Insider - Join Now

Membership starts at $9.99 a month. Your monthly donation will grant you access to the above opportunities plus a portion will go toward scholarships that allow dads without funding to participate too.

So consider paying $9.99 a month to support dads around the world. And if you pay annually, you’ll receive 2 months for free!

Not sure about cost? 

  1. Ask your employer to sponsor your membership. Here’s a letter you can edit to send to them.
  2. Message us for scholarship opportunities.
  3. Join our free Facebook communities.


Is this only for men?

  • Fathering Together is open to anyone who identifies as a father. Fathering Together recognizes that fatherhood takes many forms and experiences and all are welcome to be a part of our community.

I’m a grandfather, can I join the FTC?

  • Most definitely! Fatherhood evolves and the needs of our children change as they grow up, so there is always something we can learn and something we can teach to others.

I’m not based in the US, can I still participate?

  • Of course! While time zones can make connecting a challenge, we are committed to offering asynchronous content that can be offered at any time while also providing different times to connect for our networking calls.

I’m a business that wants to support dads in their growth. How can I help?

  • Fathering Together has worked with a variety of businesses to implement resources and talking circles in the workplace. Please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

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