Father's Day 2022

We are raising $50K by Father’s Day to enable us to train chapter leaders and empower them to recruit members, connect with school administrators, and local businesses to sponsor their work.

our plan

Launch school-based dad chapters at local elementary schools to support deeper engagement between dads and their kids.
These groups will work with school administration and parenting organizations like PTA/PTO to shift dads from "dropping off" their kids to "stepping in" to their children's development, education, and growth.

The Challenge

Schools assume Moms are the primary parent. 

Most school systems do not have an engagement strategy that targets dads.

Dads are left wondering how to get engaged in their children's education when they are implicitly told not to be involved.

The approach

Connect Dads with school officials and the PTA/PTO structure to develop a community of support, accountability, and action for dads* to increase their participation in their children's lives. 

where you come in!

We need funds to train our chapter leaders, print the training materials, and evaluate the success of this initiative. By supporting Fathering Together, you are ensuring that dads remain involved in their children's lives and the local community.