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“Tradition” tells us that Father’s Day is a day for fathers get a new necktie, a new pair of socks, and a “free” day to play golf. COVID has changed all that. 

This year, Fathering Together,  The Black Fathers Foundation, and Soy Super Papa will host Father's Friday to show that fathers are #MoreThanANeckTie. Throughout  June, we’re changing the narrative from this harmful and incomplete stereotype to one that elevates the diverse work and identities of fathers and the many ways they engage with their families. 

Join us June 18th for Father’s Friday. Help us tell the world that dads are #MoreThanANeckTie! 


All panels are being recorded and will premiere on Fathering Together’s Youtube channel and below with links below as they go live!


Your Dad Vision Statement
Relationship Checkup Card
Questions (Preteens and Teens)
Relationship Checkup Card (5 to 8)
Questions for Dads and Children


Building a culture of support


Translating work skills into life skills
Translating your work skills into life skills


Voices from around the world

Fathering Together, Black Father’s Foundation, and Soy Super Papa thank all of our sponsors and collaborators for their help in amplifying Father’s Friday!

Granite Direct NH
-	Motivational Media Inc
Father's Eve
Mother's Monday
Network of Executive Women
A Call To Men
City Dads Group
Cordan James and the Comback Kids
Let's talk about skills baby
Love, Dad
Wild Nature Play

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