Fatherhood Core 5

At Fathering Together, we've developed several programs to engage you as dads and fathers. Whether you are an individual looking to improve your fatherhood toolkit or a corporation wanting to develop professional skills in your "dad" employees, we've got you covered. 

Fatherhood Core 5

The Fatherhood Core 5 is a skill-based, innovative, psycho-educational program drawing on the latest research and practices to help dads* connect with their children. Our goal is to prepare fathers internally so that they might engage externally with their children, partners, and the community. Designed to work with a variety of groups, our curriculum designer, John Badalament, has worked with dads in recovery, incarcerated dads, and dads still in high school. 

  • Creating a Vision & Understanding Legacy
  •  Foundations for Emotionally Connected Relationships 
  •  Healthy Child Development & Brain Science
  •  Parenting Styles 
  •  Co-parenting: The Art of Conflict & Repair 
  • Resilience, Support & Managing Stress 

*The words “dad” and “father” are meant to be inclusive of any adult primary or significant caregivers, including but not limited to stepfathers, uncles, mentors, and grandfathers. 

  • Our #DadChat Mentoring program is a great first step on your journey and Fatherhood Core 5 serves as your guide. Our Mentors lead monthly virtual chats with dads to engage them in reflective exercises. group discussions, and personal storytelling. To learn more, sign up here!
  • FIT - Fathers In Training - For dads who are expecting, there is much to learn and prepare and it can feel as overwhelming as deciphering the instructions on your baby's new crib. Join experienced dads in group or 1-on-1 coaching sessions. To learn more, sign up here!
  • StandUpDads - For dads looking to advocate for social change, consider our Dads for Gender Equity and Dads for Racial Equity working groups. We all want a better world for our children, but it takes work! Join dads who are learning to deconstruct past biases and uncover personal challenges to making the world a more welcoming and equitable space for our children. Learn more

If you are a men’s group, rotary club, or a large or small business, our Fatherhood Core 5 program can work for you too. With over 3 years of facilitating our groups on Facebook, we combine our workshops with ongoing group facilitation to provide a support system for dads to process and thrive. 

  • One-Time Workshop – Have a certified Fathering Together coach host a 60-90 minute workshop with your group for individuals to create a vision of fatherhood and a plan to execute that vision. 
  • Full Fatherhood Core 5 Series – We’ll work with you to design a full-day or a series of 60-minute workshops to walk your team through our workshops. 
  • 1, 3, or 6-month package– Combine our workshop with ongoing group facilitation. Our certified Fathering Together coach will host the workshop and then provide ongoing group support as your team. 
  • Customized Experience – Want a unique experience that fits the needs of your organization? Please contact us!
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