DadsGiving Kids Volunteering

For Giving Tuesday, we’re celebrating #DadsGiving. Fathering Together is giving back. We are challenging dads around the world to give back to their communities and do an act of service with their children. Whether it is raking a neighbor's yard, shoveling a driveway, or collecting food for a local emergency shelter, these actions instill a sense of community, gratitude, and empathy in our children and us too!

But, we recognize that not every dad is able to give back, or worse, aren’t in their children’s lives. So we are asking for your support so Fathering Together can provide free resources, workshops, and communities that hold fathers accountable to their responsibilities and empower them to be agents for change in our communities.

DadsGiving Kids Volunteering
Malawi Dads

Malawi Dads Chapter Kick Off Event

In 2022, Fathering Together is launching chapters to bring our virtual community and programs to the local community. We’ve identified several dads from our Facebook communities to lead at the local level and we need funding to support their work in gathering fathers together to be change agents, co-leaders in their families, and more. Click here to learn more about our strategy.


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Your Gift empowers us to do the following:

  • Launch chapters to connect dads on a local level
  • Develop our virtual hub to support chapter leaders and empower fathers from around the world
  • Expand our educational resources to turn dads into agents for positive change in their families, their communities and in society.
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