Cordan James

Cordan James
  • B.S Business Administration
  • WhyTry? Certified FacilitatorHIPAA
  • Certified-North American Learning Institute
  • DEI in the Workplace Certificate - University of S.Florida

Cordan James Haveron is a motivational speaker, life coach, and founder of Cordan James LLC and The Comeback Kids. Born into a world of pain and the uncertainty of the Foster Care System, Cordan has faced some of the most crippling trials that would have rendered him voiceless, if not for his will to survive. His riveting story has been the perfect platform for transracial adoptees and their families to navigate a new dynamic.

The lack of awareness for racism, inequity, and diversity begins in the home. What happens when a little black boy is placed in the center of a white family and town? For Cordan James it became the birthing ground for his purpose! As a motivational speaker, he has a heartful determination to open the eyes of his target audience with mesmerizing tones that invite them to face the truth. What is to become of transracial adoptees when the world they’ve been adopted into knows nothing of their struggle?


Cordan James is a voice laced with truth and a mesmerizing cadence that brings you back to self. He inspires the feeling of being totally submerged underwater, ears sensitive to your own heartbeat, and completely aware that being consumed isn’t so bad when you can see your way to the surface. Cordan’s voice, life, and mission is all about giving children hope for the future they dream of and reminding adults that it’s never too late to manifest the fearless imaginings of their childhood.

As a Motivational Speaker, Cordan James draws upon his experiences as a child of a Transracial Adoption (TRA), a leader in the US ARMY, and a mentor with a non-profit organization that uses storytelling and mentorship to empower fathers called Fathering Together. He aims to inspire fathers to achieve their birthright through cultivating safe spaces for their families to heal and thrive.

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