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Hire us to bring our community model to your office! Research shows that by eliminating stressors, fathers can be more present and productive. With our Fatherhood Core 5 program, dads build a vision, create action steps and daily practices to help them strengthen relationships at home, reduce stress, and better align their responsibilities. 

Here’s how it works: 

Step 1: We connect with your leadership team to do a workplace assessment to gauge the needs and issues your staff are facing. 

Step 2: We have multiple options for engaging your team. From presentations to small group workshops, we can craft a plan to address the stressors and build a plan for success. 

Step 3: At the conclusion of our work, we’ll run another assessment and develop a “next steps” plan with your leadership team. Fatherhood is a lifelong journey and our communities can empower your staff to remain engaged and aligned between work and home. 

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